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ARK: Survival Evolved

$ 0.70

per slot / month


slot minimum

ARK is an action/adventure based survival game in an open world environment. If you want to survive, you must build a shelter, craft items, hunt and grow crops. Gather resources and use your wits to kill or tame the dinosaurs and other creatures inhabiting ARK island. Will you team up with other players or destroy them to escape?

There are over 100 creatures roaming ARK island to be tamed! Once under your command you can use them to carry items, prey or even ride them yourself. You can selectively breed species to domestic stronger genetics. Even the creatures have a hierarchy, where will you stand in the pecking order?

It’s tough to survive out there, you must eat and drink to keep yourself alive. Long distance traveling comes at a cost, and with dynamic weather and day / night cycles you need to keep yourself warm as well. Gather the resources on the island to build structures to keep you and your allies safe and warm with a stockpile of food and fresh water.

Collect seeds from the native vegetation and build some farms to grow tasty food! Be sure to keep them well watered and fertilized and keep an eye out for rare plants to gather seeds.