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Highlighting our Most Important Assets – Our Community

Our community is important to us and we know that growing our community greatly enhances your experiences on MME.  It is your participation and interactions with each other, whether through providing help and support on our forums, chatting with each other and making new friends in the lobby or protecting each other’s back when the Boss has you down to 5% that really sets our community apart from the competition. 

It is because we highly value the needs of our community that we strive to achieve the best service possible.  Every one of us at MME has a passion for gaming and wish to provide a platform for everyone to play their favourite games with all their friends.  Each month game developers seem to release the latest game that requires higher and higher specs just to achieve a minimum fps.  This is why we aren’t happy just providing a state-of-the-art online environment that is relevant today.  We know that you are playing on the best possible machines you can, so we are committed to providing you with the best possible environment too.

We don’t want our servers to be the difference between a sweet head shot and a “Man, I didn’t even see him, must have hacks on!” moment.  We do this by Using the latest hardware supplied by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), providing support to ensure you are setup for the best possible performance and constantly learning what YOU want.  The performance of MME’s servers are always being improved though upgrades and performance tuning.  However, these upgrades and performance tweaks are not only our servers, but also to the development of better training for our staff to combat the demands of the industry and provide you the best possible experience.

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