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Mammoth eSports for all your hosting needs

Mammoth eSports Australia

You and your experience

We here at MME understand how fast the internet changes and we are committed to keeping up with all of you. We don’t want to be left in the dust as a new MMO or Tactical shooter comes out. So, we are always updating our library of supported games, on all platforms you could possibly want. We have over 25+ games and that number is only going up. As your wants and needs change, we will change with you.

To ensure we can keep in good comm’s with everyone, we are available on several different communication platform’s including the good old Team speak 3 (or TS as many people know it as) or the newly arising Discord (with its adorbs little Wumpus) so you never have to worry about how or when to contact us for support, or just finding someone to play a new game with.

To further ensure your experience is user friendly and quite frankly, functional, we employ TCADMIN to ensure that you can edit and modify your server to be the way you want it to be. But sometimes issues arise. That’s why we have an almost 24/7 support team that is versed in running their own servers and have been trained to solve any and every problem you could possibly encounter. We play, we break, we fix, and that’s why you can trust us to keep you playing.

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